The project proposes a solution that transforms living spaces into an equilibrium between urbanisation and nature. Its biophilic design narrows the gap between humans and nature, and creates an atmosphere of reencounter, strengthening the relationship between both. With the help of an independent environmental measuring tool called ‘Priapos’, the design can measure indoor environmental conditions such as growing medium moisture, light intensity, air temperature and air humidity for proper care of nature elements.
I have learned the importance of being in contact with nature and its impact on mental health. I decided to become a positive agent of change in society, aiming to transfer the goodnesses that nature has on me to others. Following this purpose, I felt strongly identified with ‘Biophilia’, term used to categorize works aiming to narrow the gap between humans and nature. In designing the Reencounter, I learned about biodesign, industrial design, service design, biomimetic design, UX and UI. Some of the tools I used during this project are Rhino, Grasshopper, Lumion and the Adobe Create Cloud tools. I conducted design exercises such as quick prototyping, bodystorming and brainstorming. Robotics had a importante role on the project with the Priapos environmental monitoring IoT device.
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